Main team development goal is to converge microelectronics/photonics into integrated high speed devices for transceivers, regeneration and management at DWDM optical networks.

Team Expertise

  • Product process development (from concept to industrial product)
  • ASIC with embedded processor (ARM)
  • Assist integrated photonics devices and packaging
  • FPGAs custom circuits (Xilinx)
  • Multi-layer low and high (>10GHz) speed flex
  • Ceramics and Rogers/FR4 Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Digital circuits schematics
  • Basic firmware (micro-processors and/or microcontrollers, bare metal C/C++, bootloaders, RTOS, Embedded Linux)
  • Application firmware (complex control loops, CLIs and other user I/Os)
  • User interface software for equipment test/control, Automated unit test and system tests
  • Hardware and firmware management software tools
  • Optical fiber communications (device, modules, cards and systems) expert for inter/intra data-center, metro, long and ultra-long haul/submarine networks

Current Projects

  • Narrow linewidth tunable Laser hardware, firmware and miniaturization with mechanical enclosure
  • DSP ASIC firmware management, control and characterization
  • ARM M3 core integration for custom ASICs
  • Miniaturized photonics hardware and firmware for pluggable modules