The Photonics team works on high-technology development services in the photonics field. Such developments mainly targets high-end products for telecom applications.

We have a multidisciplinary and highly skilled team with advanced know-how and experience on photonics devices development (design, modeling, packaging, test and qualification), PIC design and characterization, and system simulation and validation.

Development of high-performance and highly integrated tunable lasers for telecom applications enabling high-speed data transmission and small form factor transceivers.

Team Expertise

  • Photonics Device Design
    • LASER design; Modeling and simulation; Optical; Electrical; RF; Mechanical; Thermal
  • Photonic Packaging
    • Packaging design; Equipment design; Processes (optical alignment, die bonding, wire bonding, welding, epoxy, sealing); Material selection; Quality assurance; Machine automation
  • Photonics Device Test
    • Test station design and specification; Tests processes design; Test equipment automation; Characterization (optical, electrical, RF); Qualification tests; BOM incoming inspection; Device control system
  • PIC Design and Characterization
    • Photonic integrated circuit design; Modeling; Simulation; Layout; DRC
    • Characterization: station design, fiber coupling, DC/RF probes; measurements

Current Projects

  • Integrated tunable laser assemblies (ITLAs) for small form factor pluggable transceivers