About Us

IDEA! is a high-tech service enterprise focused in photonics and microelectronics state of the art evolution, targeting ASICs and photonics convergence. With optical communications as a driver, telecom and datacom (data-centers) markets are the main targets of IDEA! solutions. Our solutions are based on IPs and technologies services to enable ultra high speed optical transmissions (100G, 400G, 1T). Deep submicron (<28nm) digital ASICs IPs (Modelling, RTL, GDS2); customized LASER solutions for telecom (low linewidth); and product engineering (HW, FW or embedded SW) services for optical transmission or amplification modules.

Who are we?

Enterprise Leading Research and Development of Information Technology on the Global Market

What we want?

To Create Converged Photonics and Microelectronics Communications Solutions supporting bandwidth increase using Leading Edge Technologies (ASICs and LASERs,…)

What we do?

Research, Development and Engineering in Photonics and Microelectronics enabled communications products in support of global technology leaders with a solid streamline methodology enabling on-time/high quality deliverables


Engineering Center